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Producers of feel good foods.


Think local, act global.

We’re an Aussie food company producing game-changing and allergen free foods, right here in Sydney! As purveyors of plant-based sustainable foods, we’re here to prove you can make a difference, and it all begins with a simple jar of mayo or aioli.


Dibble in sustainability.

Did you know it takes 83L of water to produce just the egg-content in an average jar of traditional mayonnaise? Crazy, huh! That’s why instead of eggs, the Dibble crew use aquafaba – the water leftover from cooked chickpeas – to make allergen free, plant-based mayonnaises and aioli.


Eat good. Do Good.
Dibble is on a mission: to produce delicious, sustainable foods while creating greater awareness of the long-term effects today’s food can have on tomorrow’s environment.



Work in food service or own a cafe or restaurant? Want to make the switch to a more sustainable food practice? Well, the #dibblechallenge is for you! We’re so confident your customers will love our products that your first bulk-pack is on us.


Eat Dibble. Plant trees!

When we’re not busy reducing water footprints, we’re helping restore the environment. For reals! That’s why for every jar of Dibble sold, we’ll donate 10% of profits to One Tree Planted, a non-profit that plants trees in North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa.